Featured PRESS

View into a Fertile Career
Caitee Hoglund, 13FOREST Gallery, July 2018

"Pushing Painting" presents the medium's possibilities
Cate McQuaid, Boston Globe, June 2018

Nicole Duennebier's Sumptuous Paintings Evoke
The Old Masters—If They Painted Oozing Piles Of Meat

Greg Cook, Wonderland, May 2018

Artists to Watch in 2018, Debbie Way
Take Magazine, October 2018

Nicole Duennebier’s Biomorphic, Absorbing Paintings
Andy Smith, Hi Fructose Magazine, April 2017

Outdoor Palette: Nicole Duennebier
Adelaide Tyrol, Northern Woodlands Magazine, September 2017

Artist Spotlight: Nicole Duennebier
BOOOOOOOM.com, November 2016

Biomorphic Paintings by Nicole Duennebier
Bobby Solomon, The Fox is Black, August 2013



History, Fantasy Evoked in Sculptors Gallery Show
Cate McQuaid, Boston Globe, August 2015

Sweet and Tart Battlegrounds: The Sisters Duennebier's Tale of Candy
Britta Konau, Portland Phoenix, May 2015

Featured Artist: Nicole Duennebier
Jeff Hamada, BOOOOOOOM.com, February 2014

Gorgeous and Creepy
Cate McQuaid, Boston Globe, June 2013

Nicole Duennebier / Bright Beast
Alexis Avedisian, Vellum Magazine, June 2013 

The Grand Theft Art Companion
Amanda Palmer, Art book/ Album companion, September 2012

Artist Interview: Nicole Duennebier
Red Branch Journal, Spring 2012

Nicole Duennebier: Beautifully Repulsive
New Britain Museum of American Art, March 2010

Nicole Duennebier: Clarity of the Unknowable
Suzette McAvoy, The Canvas, Maine Home and Design, October 2010

Featured Artist: Nicole Duennebier
Dillon Buss, Artist Advocacy, January 2010

Invigorating Invertebrates
Daniel Kany, Portland Press Herald, Sept. 27th 2009

Nicole Duennebier: The Amalgamate
Steve Starger, Art New England, June/July 2009

New/Now The Amalgamate
Tayrn Plumb, Artscope Magazine, March/April 2009

Ones to Watch
Artist Listing, Maine Home and Design Magazine, April 2009

Nicole Duennebier is New/Now
Edgar Allen Beem, Yankee Magazine.com, Feb. 2009

Opening highlights nature's pairings
Jennifer Abel, New Britain Herald, Feb. 10th 2009

Creation's Silent Roar
Ian Paige, Portland Phoenix, March 7th, 2007