Our favorite 40 films watched in 2017

Image is from Maren Ade’s “Toni Erdmann” which is my absolute favorite of the year. 

Image is from Maren Ade’s “Toni Erdmann” which is my absolute favorite of the year. 



Every year Andy and I compile a list of our favorite movies of the year, here is 2017! Image is from Maren Ade’s “Toni Erdmann” which is my absolute favorite of the year. 

∅ not available streaming






American Honey 2016, US, Directed by Andrea Arnold (A)

The Blackcoat’s Daughter 2015, Canada, Directed by Oz Perkins (A)

Blade Runner 2049 2017, US, Directed by Denis Villeneuve ∅

Bound 1996, US, Directed by Lana Wachowski, Lilly Wachowski (H)

Cameraperson 2016, US, Directed by Kirsten Johnson (A, FS)

Certain Women 2016, US, Directed by Kelly Reichardt ∅

The Color Wheel 2011, US, Directed by Alex Ross Perry (FS)

The Cremator 1969 ‘Spalovač mrtvol’, Czechia, Directed by Juraj Herz (FS)

A Dark Song 2016, Ireland, Directed by Liam Gavin (N)

Deep Water, 2006, UK, Directed by Louise Osmond (N)

Demon 2015, Poland, Directed by Marcin Wrona (N)

Desert Hearts 1985, US, Directed by Donna Deitch (FS)

Evolution 2015 ‘Évolution’, Belgium, Directed by Lucile Hadzihalilovic (N)

Get Out 2017, US, Directed by Jordan Peele (HBO)

Good Morning 1959 ‘お早よう’, Japan, Directed by Yasujirō Ozu (FS)

Good Time 2017, US,  Directed by Ben Safdie, Joshua Safdie ∅

Harlan County USA, 1976, US, Directed by Barbara Kopple (FS)

I Am Not Your Negro 2016, US, Directed by Raoul Peck (A)

Logan 2017, US, Directed by James Mangold (HBO)

Louder Than Bombs 2015, Denmark, Directed by Joachim Trier (A)

The Love Witch 2016, US, Directed by Anna Biller (A)

Manchester by the Sea 2016, US, Directed by Kenneth Lonergan (A)

Moonlight 2016, US, Directed by Barry Jenkins (A)

Mystery Road 2013, Australia,Directed by Ivan Sen (N)

Nocturama 2016, France, Directed by Bertrand Bonello (N)

OJ Made in America 2016, US, Directed by Ezra Edelman ∅

Personal Shopper 2016, Germany, France,  Directed by Olivier Assayas ∅

Raw 2016 ‘Grave’, Belgium, Directed by Julia Ducournau (N)

Red Rock West 1993, US, Directed by John Dahl ∅

River of Grass 1994, US, Directed by Kelly Reichardt (A)

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story 2016, US, Directed by Gareth Edwards (N)

Shin Godzilla 2016 ‘シン・ゴジラ’, Japan, Directed by Hideaki Anno, Shinji Higuchi ∅

Star Wars: Old Jedi, 2017 Directed by Rian Johnson ∅

Tampopo 1985 ‘タンポポ’, Japan, Directed by Juzo Itami (FS)

Targets 1968, US, Directed by Peter Bogdanovich (FS)

Tender Mercies 1983, US, Directed by Bruce Beresford (HBO)

The Times of Harvey Milk, US, Directed by Rob Epstein (FS)

Toni Erdmann 2016, Austria, Directed by Maren Ade (Starz, haha, sorry)

The Trial 1962 ‘Le procès’, France, Directed by Orson Welles (FS)

Wormwood 2017, US, Directed by Errol Morris (N)


Short Films

Misterio 2013, Spain, Directed by Chema García Ibarra (FS)

Passionless Moments 1983, Australia, Directed by Jane Campion, Gerard Lee (FS)

Tord and Tord 2010 ‘Tord Och Tord’, Sweden, Directed by Niki Lindroth von Bahr (FS)

The Wagoner, Borom Sarret, 1963, Senegal, Directed by Ousmane Sembene (FS)